Hell aint a bad place to be

Sooooo hows you all?? I want to start by apologizing to you all I have not written for ages, the thing is…how can I say this…life has become like a drug, living is an addiction. I want to smell, see, taste, do, laugh, feel, explore and be with people I love after being stir crazy for what seems like an eternity.

Anywayyy….I left you all dangling…now, where were we? Oh yes…huh hum. Are you sitting comfortably? lets begin.

I had been to hell and back, and if I can stand that…then bring it on NMO! I had weekly blood tests FOR AGES so don’t you lot go moaning next time you have to go for a blood test, my husband¬† is needle phobic so he will crowning me for saying that! I’m still having the bloody things every¬† 5 sodding weeks. Dr Green kept to his word so did I, regular contact, letters and appointments.


One harrowing time, I returned to scary hospital for ‘evoked visual potentials’, as series of eye tests…yeah….with electrodes stuck to my head…and stingy eye drops…and computer screens…..and lights…and blank crosswords….and patterns….and darkness…and omg…YAWN!!! Naively I thought I would be fine, wheelchair at hand, Chris wheeled me into another room, an ophthalmologist. “your optic nerve shows signs of damage..your eyes are fine, healthy and will be…you’ve had an episode of inflammation on your optic nerve, this would match your loss of sight”

Woooahhhhh hold on….I was told back in 2013 I had hysterical blindness?? “No…but you will be fine”.

As I struggled out using two sticks, “Jane, don’t be a hero” as I slumped into my wheelchair, sore patches burning on my legs and overwhelming feeling of fatigue, we came home.