Hello Liverpool, I’ve been expecting you…..

“Jane!” “Yes!” I replied, it was the first time a ‘health professional’ hadn’t reffered to me as “Mrs Cooper”

I was handed some papers to fill in, basic questions, and told I would be seen in the next few minutes.

I was greeted by K a specialist NMO nurse who immediatley put me at ease, and then I met Dr Silver (pseudo name) and she was lovely, and asked me EVERYTHING from the start, as i recalled the events, I cried, and cried. Chris grabbed my hand “it’s ok” he said, I was handed tissues  and suddenly realised Dr silver and K were not phased at all about what I was saying. No screwed up puzzled faces, no “hmmmm” no “we think” they listened, and repeated back what I said. “You have MOG, ”  “MOG? Whats that….the antibody???” “Yes…you have NMO ” up until this point it was still unclear if it was or not. Thump. Ugh. Oh. I have MOG the less aggressive antibody found in NMO and other auto immune illness’. Now what?

Me and Chris had lunch, I had blood-a lot taken, then we me Dr J. He was lovely. So smiley! And not atall how I thought he would be, Dr S and K accompmied him, and he listened to what I had said, I got upset, but was ok. He nodded, listened “can I see you walk please?” I did…”ok” he examined me relflexes, sensations, eyes, arms, face. I was used to all this.

“So you have MOG, you have made an excellent recovery, amazing, you will see our physio, o.t, nutritionist and opthomologist today” “ok thankyou”

It turned out he knew Dr Green professionally!

“Any questions?”

“Yes…what happens now?”

“Well, lets start decreasing those steroids down from 40mg”

At last….I was/we were being understood and I was coming off steroids….I hoped.