Spotlight on: Secondary illness’

I love how I have titled that “secondary illness’ ” not really secondary…more….additional, other the ones or one that used to be the only one.

I decided the other day to write a mini series of focussing on other subjects linked with NMO. I am not going to bore you with science, but am in fact going to share a little more of me with you.

Yawwwn….I’m so tired…again…all the time….8.30pm? Crikey is that it?! I just wanna go to sleep…and bed……god I look dreadful. So pale, even my friend at work commented how pale I look. God headache again, jeez is it an acceptable time to go to bed yet?? Not even been at work and I’m shattered.


“Mrs Cooper? ” “yes it’s Jane- hi” Dr colour (pesudo name) would like a telephone appointment with you to discuss your full blood count” “yeah ok…” my blood count? The last time my bloods were iffy it was my blood count and liver function-bloody mycophenolate-but I had a cold and a UTI brewing. I feel fine….(yeah right!!!) Shit…I had a pseudo attack on holiday…shit….was it a real one?? Surely I would know….

“So…how have you been feeling? “Yeah fine Dr colour (GP) just a bit tired I guess-just the NMO fatigue I guess-why?” “Your iron levels…are a bit too low….your thyroid….we need to increase your dose” “ahh yes I’ve just started too” ” yes you’re aneamic…3 months iron tablets-blood test and we will re test thyroid” .

Ahahaaaaa….that’s why I have been feeling so run down…my hypothyroidism (so underactive thyroid) that got diagnosed at 13 which is medicated and controlled which happily ticks along and my iron levels which were too low last year….had returned….

Sooo….’what is the meaning of life?’  ‘what colour could I paint the ceiling?’ ‘Why do people like the smurfs?’ God I’m thirsty…and hot….now what time is it….ok 10.30pm….11.00pm…11.30pm….go to sleep Jane……

And just like that-2 days on more thyroxine and iron tablets…I was WIDE AWAKE and it’s now 9.54pm as I type this…and I’m awake!!

So….what I learnt is: iron tablets taste like metal, your poo looks black-lol, and you get a burst of instant energy. My thyroid…I’ve stopped hot flushes (hey I’m only 31 lol), no night sweats, not as out of breath in general…and I can stay awake past 8.30pm.

It wasn’t NMO but that’s my “label” isn’t it?!

Yes in as much I have to tell every new dr or nurse I meet…..but no not really.

A “big disgnosis” like NMO takes priority in feelings and thoughts- but then it cannot be blamed for everythinnnnggg.

So. Thank goodness I’m a good girl and have my 8 weekly bloods done!

Until next time…..

Peace out-lol