31 days of positivity

Hellooo!! Oh my god….how I have missed you all! Stupid internet and silly bloody upgrade of phone software meant I couldn’t log in to this!!

Anyone who knows me well knows I hate updating apps…uograding my phone….I hate predictive text….yes…even though I grew up in the 90’s and now at the age of 32 why should I learn predictive text?? What is that any way??! “Shoe” suggestions: ‘her’ ‘them’ and all you do is end up with a sentance of nonesense!

Anyway…..soooo….the title…hmm yes….those of you who I am friends with on facebook will have seen this…I struggle big time in January with feelimg quite down…christmas is over…my birthday straight after so that’s that for another year….new year…oh god new year….another lose weight resoloution….I changed jobs just before christmas and I actually thought “wow…this is it…grown up job….is this it…32…grown up…” and it threw me. I left behind my darling work mates to go on in the same field but something else….explain ‘the health thing’ again…explain my need for certain adjustments…explain I might look ok but some days I don’y feel it….sooo the paracetamol 4 hourly returned for aches n pains n fatigue, n headaches…n I felt like…like…I don’t know…lost?!

So I decided each day I would find a positive in every day and update my facebook status with it. So I did!!!

Imagine my elation when I discovered a friend is now doing it! Super.

My god it helped. My job started to become more enjoyable, I felt more like myself. The fatigue n pain began to subside as did the headaches. I gave my bosses a copy of the NMO UK charity magazine…starring moi! Haha. To help them understand.

Life felt good again, January was drawimg to a close and I decided to plan some positive things for this year…and…I have! More on that soon…

So. 2018….lets have ya.



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