Suck it up buttercup

Helllooooo wowwwww sooooo oh my gosh so much has been happening!!!

I have just sat here and felt the urge to empty my head…so to quote chandler from Friends “oh this is a dear diary moment…”

Dear diary.

Life has been a whirl wind….where do I begin….being promoted at work….hospital appointment at Liverpool at the Walton Centre…my best friend asking me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding next year…my husband being promoted….my son growing and learning sooooo much he is totally amazing!!

The NMO patients day and being unabld to go, being asked to be in a pantomime….deciding to grow out my hair colour…oh gosh….

So life is life!!

Life is more than NMO.

So. Ok. First things first. As usual I cannot say where I work or what I do but I can say I love it. It’s very rewarding and work as usual have been great and supportive.

My appointment in Liverpool…….what a difference…I did not see Dr.J this time but he did however say hello which was lovely!

I was seen by a registrar who was great, I had the usual examination consisting of a basic eye check, pulling odd faces, walking and standing on tip toes and heels to then having my arms checked by pushing the dr away and pulling him towards me.

A general quick chat and being given a clean bill of health!!

So my friends. Does that mean I have beaten this thing?? I had bloods taken so I don’t know if the MOG antibody is still present but I will ask……

To now of being in a pantomime…hello widow twanky…!!

Work has been busy and I chose not to go to patients day so I could have a rest at the weekend…my dad however did go and was asked where I was which was lovely…

So…next year I will go if I can….

So life is good! Life is very busy….

So hold tight….it’s gonna be a fun ride.

Until next time-

Peace out x