Self identity….an entity in itself…



Time to empty my head.

Self identity….self identity…idenity in one’s self…

Weight gain, hair changes, weight loss, weight gain…clothes…


Why does it matter?

Do you see YOU in the mirror? For a long time I saw a label and a bunch of tablets all tied together with a blue badge.

When I was on steroids I longed to be the person in the photo 1 month before my T.M attack. Pre steroids.

Now I am older…my T.M attack was 2014…gosh…almost 4 years ago…August 2014….so next month and STILL I feel weird at this time of year. 5 years since I lost and regained my sight, since that awful bout of depression.

Now, I am free.

I speak to lots of people at work from all back grounds, we are all fightimg a battle, from health to life changes, a lady told me recently she was”free” and I could have cried.

Perhaps I don’t need to hide behind certain things….I am happy with who I am, I am me.

Bleach blonde hair…pink…is that me?? Or is brown me? I am more natural with dark hair and that’s ok…

But that is one of the barriers….

Letting go of things can be hard as can let barriers or a guard down.


Still to this day 4 years on I do not like to talk in person about my health in depth. Why?

Perhaps the answers lie within my writing.