Learning to ride the waves


What goes up must come down…

Being “stable” or learning to live with the new “you” or life, is like being in the sea.

Sometimes there are holes, dips, gentle edges to paddle in, the odd crab that might nip you, warm pools of water on a sandy beach. Some where nice to sit whilst you watch others, maybe a comfortable bit where you feel confident in your surroundings.

Sometimes, a wave or swell might come along and lift you up…maybe slowly, maybe fast, and you get right to the top on a surf board, but what happens when you are there? Do you ride the wave? Learn to balance at the top? Do you slowly come down and splash around?

Or does the wave break half way through…or suddenly comes crashing down from under you.

What happens if it does? You look on to the gentle paddling area, longing to get back there to safety. The firm sand supports you as you wade back towards the shoreline, maybe the odd life guard checks you are ok as your family and friends offer encouragement and words of support.

You tread on the odd stone feeling every point on your skin, longing to sit down and take a few breaths.

So what happens really after that is up to you.

Do you stay on the sand? Looking onto the water? The “what if’s”, “could I ” , “what might happen”.

Maybe you enjoy an icecream, catch your breath and appreciate what you have, what is around you, what you have accomplished. Maybe then you have the confidence to have a paddle, jump a few waves for fun, gradually build up to going a bit deeper, checking those close to you are around for safety.

Maybe…just maybe….you push yourself to try to get to the top of the wave again, test your limits, test your confidence, and maybe….just maybe this time you stay at the top of wave for a while, look onto the shore and smile.

Knowing that you are safe, you took a risk, a chance, you pushed yourself and this time knowing that the wave will come down…slowly…and when it does, you are not alone.

This time the fall will be not so harsh, you pick yourself up, laugh, and carry on.

Sometimes my friends, learning to ride the waves can be awfully exciting.