“Hi everybody, welcome to my Youtube channel!”

20181212_102918Wow it’s sunny today

Do I do this now…do I…don’t I…oh sod.

“Hi Youtube and welcome to my Youtube channel: notmuchordinary NMO”.

Oh god, first video made. Uploaded…shared on Facebook….will people watch? Will they subscribe?

Oh god…someone has watched!! Yayyy!!!

You see dear readers, blogs and Youtube have been and are so important to me in my life. Nights where insomnia hits, or I’m not very sleepy, or maybe I just don’t want to watch the tele, or when I have been in hospital, and when my son was a baby and I was doing night feeds, escaping into someone else’s life can be very relaxing.

There is sooooo much out there, from hair dye tutorials, fashion hauls, christmas videos, vlogs, diet videos, the list goes on and on and on.

What I was finding though with NMO there were not many “general” chatty videos. I love blogging and long may it continue, so I thought…why not show the nutter behind this writing. Haha.

So I thought, well, why not take the plunge and get going with it to reach out to others with NMO, their family, friends or those who are curious to what it might be and how it can affect people.

Instead of painting a perfect made up make up face, I decided I would make videos to show the real me, likey blog. Moon face, steroid acne, make up free face in all it’s glory. Aswell as showing days when I do feel better and things that help me.

So, if you fancy hearing the voice and the NMO face behind this blog…why not check me out on Youtube notmuchordinary NMO.



My NMO body needs to wrap some christmas presents at some point soon…so…..have a Merry Christmas if we don’t chat before.








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