Have I just gone completley mad?



I am a meat eater, and have signed up for Veganuary….why?!

I want a challenge.

In October 2018 I did Sober October for and raised over £300.00 for NMO UK charity smashing my £100.00 target after some very kind donations.

So why vegan?

After eating a beef chilli con carne for tea….

It is this simple, a challenge, because apparantly recovering from a relapse is not enough of a challenge….I must be bloody bonkers.

In all honesty though, for a few months I have had quite a few meat free days, either having fish or veggie alternatives or just things like pasta etc. I started to struggle to fancy eating meat, and pondered about being veggie as I started to lose the taste or fancy a lot of meats.

I had also started to have dairy free milk alternatives on my cereal e.g almond milk as I was interested in the nutrition side of things and I liked the taste.

C and J will of course not be doing this, just me and I will be buying meat and dairy etc for them, this is purely my choice.

I certainly also won’t be sharing horror stories of animals etc anywhere, we all know what happens and we don’t need it to be broadcasted-personal choice-if you are vegan and do that, fine, but it’s not for me.



I also started looking into and have looked into diets reccomended for inflamatory illness’ and the impact of plant based diets can have on them in terms of anti inflamatory properties.

I am not gonna say “my body is a temple” but I am feeling soooo bloated and sluggish, I had started to chip away at my weight before I got ill, and steroids and christmas I have gained what I lost-bugger.

I have a fair chunk to chip away at for my height, and for my own self I want to get healthier.

I take so much medication at the moment, that hollisitically I need to start looking after myself now the dust is starting to settle.

I have some very exciting things planned for 2019, and one not be the size I am now for next Christmas/Birthday or New Year.

So I am not going to start hugging trees, or dancing in a forest naked around a bonfire,

but I am going to give this a good shot, and if I can raise money for the charity that supports me and others like me….

Then..well….why the hell not.


Thought for today,

Have a healthy enjoyable new year, I am escaping into a land of sweets and music tomorrow with J and my mum at the theatre,

I might even have an ice cream..last day of December tomorrow before Veganuary starts on 1st Jan 2019.

Wish me luck….



Soo….what happened…I got ill….quite ill….5 day course of antibiotics for a chest infection….

Why give up? I lasted 1 1/2 days ish..oh dear…

When I get ill with a cold etc I crave meat like crazy, I am on iron tablets at present but all I could think about was meat!!

Sorry animals.

The other thing that surprised me was how many things are suitable for vegetarian’s but not vegans…due to egg or milk content. Even my quorn mince is not vegan friendly.

I found vegan cheese ok grated on food…but I found the smell….very very strong not like cheese-to be polite, but it did taste ok!

Oatley milk was also ok and I still have some un opened so that’s ok…it was mainly the food.

So for now, I am eating meat, dairy etc but I am considering another part to my blog-all will be revealed soon…

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