Make your own kind of music!

What goes around comes around..

A leopard never changes it’s spots…

Karma is a bitch… it…


These are the musings of a blogger…

Things that strike me in everyday life

Apart from REALLY wanting to dye my hair bright pink and lilac haha but patience is a virtue, and my extensions are being refitted in 2 days whooppp so I plan to discuss the hair then.


No one knows what triggers NMO or causes it apart from antibodies but stress I think was a big part of mine.

Working for the wrong people, the wrong type of people (not now!!!) pre 2016 when I had a HUGE change in job which would later become more than a job, but 2014 and prior, what I thought was my career.

What I had studied for, slogged my guts out over physically and mentally.

Just recently, I bumped into an old boss with J, who I have not seen for 5 1/2 years. Stick in tow, they asked “how are you?” and what did I reply “yeah not to bad thanks-erm yeah”- lie!

Why lie?

Because (I know don’t start a sentence with the word because Jane but it’s my there and I am talking as a friend) because how the hell do I tell someone who made my life a misery that I have been seriously ill, paralysed twice, 1 time completley.

They made my life but not just her, and others a misery, but I always wanted to be friends.


Fuck knows.

You know that scence in Cold Feet when David says “no Karen, no more”-that was like that when it all came to an end.

I told you this was like therapy didn’t I?

So what happened then?

I moved on, worked elsewhere and was happy for a number of years before NMO hit, I would NEVER EVER go back into that industry.


I am so happy with my life now-yes NMO I could without, but in a weird way, it has made me who I am to some extent.

It’s toughened me up, and made me look at life differently.

I don’t have time for stress, worry, drama.


Ahh Marilyn, I blame you by the way for me frying my hair with bleach (hence not being bleach blonde and sporting extensions folks!)

I think inner peace is nothing to be scoffed at. It doesn’t matter what size you are, what job you do, how much you earn, what car you drive, how many mates you have, what latest gadget you have.

It’s finding that thing DEEP inside of you that at some point you realise how happy you are. How lucky you are.

I couldn’t help but wonder, was I always at peace with myself but I was struggling to be someone else’s idea of what I should be?

Has NMO taken that fog away?


Is this why I know who I am now? What I want in life? What makes me tick?

My sister and brother in law bought me this as part of my christmas presents-“no drama lama” as I don’t do drama! Very unecessary, unless it’s the type of drama when I am acting or watching a show!

Yeah sure, a few things I will be changing-my hair for one. Why? It’s my hair…and I like to change it up every once on a while.

A decision I make for myself, by myself that is not controlled by a prescription or medication..

The title of this blog is inspired by a very well known song which “spoke to me”, I have found my happy, I am happy with me. Make your own kind of music…style your own life, be yourself, be true to yourself.

Will you find yours? Or have you already?



I endeveour to stay true to myself and yes NMO is part of me, just a part of me, like a sense lf humour is part of me.

It doesn’t mean I am l am NMO it’s just taught me a few things…

Until next time..

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