Oooh this is a dear diary moment…again because I think we have already had one…hehe

So. I  am sat here watching some sort of young children’s programme which reminds me of how I feel when I first start on Gabapentin or any other strong pain killer…kind of…floaty….haha.

Lets talk about….



Why do I want to talk about food..because I love food…

Pain…oh my gosh sooo much pain….my left foot and back have been really playing up, I think just because I have been walking more and un aided.

I could talk all day about food, body image, (hmm that has given me an idea…!), but what I wanted to talk about was how I have been feeling recently.


Not too bad, up and down days, with fatigue or pain, or just in general. My foot I am pleased to say dear readers has finally just about…settled…dare I say….

My back is still nagging away which is anniyoing but I am used to it, and I am beginning to start the countdown to going back to work-which I am looking forward to.

Why? You may ask. I like my job, I am lucky, not two days are the same and my work mates are great.

Going to work is “normal” and I always look to see what I can do…not what I can’t do..


It really hit me recently about what happened with my relapse, what might have been, what life could have been like, what might might of happened, how I was feeling, and what might have been.

My memory is still not 100%-for example I have forgotten AGAIN to biy new concealer and powder because mine has run out-and where have I just been? Jolly ASDA. I did however remember to put my repeat prescription in at the doctors-winning! So the nice dr at the QMC later will just have to see me looking like something from the crypt. Haha.

Mentally I have been playing catch up, it’s been 84 years since I…oh hold on…that’s not right…that’s from Titanic…

Huh hum.

It’s been four months since the relapse of 2018, I go to 15mg pred tomorrow, and 3 azathioprine daily-yippee dee.

So far good…


So on that note…I am off to charge my phone, and have a cup of tea.


In the words of Bill and Ted:

“Be excellent to each other”



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