As time goes by…


So I was talking to my big sister the other day, and we spoke about day today life, and how we cope or manage things when health is playing an impact.

Time they say is a healer, and in all honesty, I have found this to be true.

With the relapse of 2018, I have spent all these months…fighting. Again.

Physically and mentally.

Menatally in as much as putting EVERYTHING i’ve got into getting bettee, all my fight even when I couldn’t, whem I felt I just couldn’t KEEP pushing myself over and over and over.

Yes fatigue, yes pain, but what about LIFE?!

Body image, body perception, how I viewed myself and how others would view me.

Stick…no stick…weight gain…steroids…confidence




There were some dark times, and good times, I refused to give in or up, and I am pleased to say dear readers, I finally feel like me again.

It has taken a lot of soul searching, a trip to the hairdressers….leaving a few facebook groups about dieting, a lot of grit and sheer bloody mindfulness…but…here I am!!



Wallow in self pity?

Let thoughts consume you?

Allow obsession with losing steroid weight or weight in general to annoy you to the point you get cross?

Or focus on the future…

So life isn’t all shits and giggles, sometimes I don’t have the energy to piss rainbows,

But…with good friends, family….if you are struggling…you will get there.

Be you, be proud of who you are,

Do not let anyone or anything drag you down…if it does…do something about it.

Peace out…

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