See you on the Flip Flop



I guess that was it!

End of another chapter.

The best parts of 5 months…blink…and it’s gone.


I am sat here having an evening off slimming world,drinking some wine, just thinking about the last few months.

“I’ll see you on the flip flop” came the familiar voice. Fin (pseudo name) had rang to confirm I was ok with a few things, “yeah, I’ll see you then!” I replied gleefully.

See you on Friday…at work…

This waw it.

Crunch time.



That’s it.


Recovered from a relapse?



Lets say…recovering…

Menatally I have played catch up and I think more so recently. Cudos to my big sister, she is one of the few people who makes me laugh soooo hard, I think I could be sick! She has been there, despite all the shit she is going through, (don’t cry!!), she always knows what to say, or to send me, or lovely things to look at, and understands I can’t always look at my phone.

Why can’t I you may ask…

Being a mummy…and uh hummm glasses…I wear them sometimes only for driving and computers..but also…the brightness of the screen.

Physically…bar a sprained ankle…yes..really!


I’m doing good…

Letters from hospital..


What did they say?

A lot.

One thing stood out..



not positive like last time…LOW positive


Maybe moon face for the second time is worth it after all…

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