Is there life on Mars?




So David Bowie, is there life on Mars?

These lyrics really….spoke out to me recently….a few things have happened recently, and some of this seems very poignont…I hope that’s how you spell it….hmmm

Some of it I can’t talk about on here, but it really opened my eyes to a few things.

It is also now 6 1/2 months since the relapse. When I first got ill my O.T said “6 months is like a catylyst-you go one way or another” and how right she was.

So like anyone else who has been through a trauma, mentally I have been playing catch up. I also wanted to rid myself of anything on me or anything that reminded me of being ill.


1 big change…my hair.

I went from this…extensions in QMC hospital pic…resting after a shower before the steroids took hold…


To this ..


Out of hospital…face is rounder…thanks pred…



To this…


I liked the long hair but I started to feek swamped.

All I could see was someone else. A steroid pumped poorly person hiding a moon face behind masses of extensions in a bid to feel more….feminine I guess!

So something had to change!!

The extensions went in 2 weeks before I got ill…so that was it!!


God my head felt light!! But it still wasn’t me…



All of a sudden…it was like a switch…BOOM!!! CONFIDENCE!!

Who knew a hair colour would or could affect you so much??

Well…clearly it did!! I think it’s part of who I am, as much as quirky fashion is!

So is there life on Mars?

I am going to say…YES!!

BUT it takes time to adjust.


At the moment I am still on steroids 15mg pred daily plus azathioprine.

I miss: my ankles!! my face! my chin! not being BOILING ALL THE TIME!!

What I am thank ful for: well pred, we have been here before haven’t we…

I thank you pred for saving me, for taking the most awful back pain away and stopping the “banding”-banding FYI I have only had during a T.M attack the 1st time I thought it was a heart attack…I couldn’t breathe for something squashing my rib cage it was awful.

The 2nd time…I just stayed calm and it passed.

So…all of that….and yes…there is life on Mars and from where I’m standing…it’s not bad…not bad at all…