I am not a happy fat person and I am not a fat happy person…



Here we go again.

Body image. Weight loss. Scales. Measurements. Excercise. Bloody steroids.


Those of you who know me or have met me know what I look like, and my personality.

I cannot remember hand on heart when I said “I look awful I need to lose weight”

Yes I have been…and why? I felt uncomfortable and it wasn’t me in the mirror-it was steroids.




I am generally a happy person! I am curvy-not fat! Thank you!

I have big boobs, a big bum, big hips, a small waist and a big smile.

I have an even bigger personality and an even louder laugh!

This dear readers is by no means a mask, or a front, or a wall or a shield.

This is who I am!

I see a strong woman who has learnt to walk again-twice now, has regained her sight, and I am bloody proud of her.

I celebrate life by being me!! Living it well!!

So when I see my tummy wobbling around, I remind myself that it is toning up now my back is strong enough to support itself again. That my stomach muscles are no longer straining to keep me up right because my spinal cord is damaged with fluid leisons.

I like quirky fashion and things in general-always have and always will! I am not a jeans n nice top kinda girl!

Again I am just comfy and happy in what I wear.


I am steadily losing weight to ease my joints, to hopefully lower med doses in the future and too feel physically good for ME.

Not because society thinks I should.


I am happy, I am not a fat person.

I am curvy, and happy.

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