Run woman run…

“Soo something funny happened on holiday, you will probably find this sounds ridiculous, but…we went to the beach…the tide was out like really far out…so  far you could barely see the sea. Anyway, J and I had walked down the beach…a fair way to walk…and we got quicker and quicker…then J started to run…shouting me to join him…Something kicked in..parent instinct or something? I thought it’s now or never and if I was going to go arse over tit I would have a soft landing. Or backwards…or whatever…so for the first time in 5 YEARS I RAN”

“That’s awesome mate, and sand is not the easiest thing to run on” Violet replied (pseudo name)

“Yeah..I was quite surprised how firm it was, so yeah…5 years”

“Nice one mate and probably not the easiest thing to start on after 5 years”

“Yeah…I did wonder”

I have known Violet for many many years, and she is a keen runner and full credit it to her for what she has achieved and does. I knew she woykdn’t laugh or judge me, and dear readers, I did not go arse over tit.

So what happened?


So I just ran…ran like I didn’t know if I was going to fall over…trip…stab my foot on a stone…or a shell….my arms sought of went up and down….and I laughed!


It felt…odd…kind of when I started walking after paralysis confidently, feeling my muscles working fully not to big poles for legs and my tummy straining to keep me up right.

It felt…good…I can see how Violet and others find running enjoyable.

So what next??

Well whilst on holiday I had no choice bit to walk, to get around. We were very close to the entertainment etc but as the week went on C and J walked at a normal pace and I pushed myself to keep up, and by the end of the week, I had got quicker and quicker.

So dear readers,

What next?

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