I’m stuck here with the man in the mirror … Scrap that! New title: I’m baccckkk!!!!

Can you believe this title has been say in my drafts since 2017?!! 2 years ago!!

So why use this now?

A few reasons really.

I have also just added the end part of the title!

I am not stuck with the man in the mirror perhaps back then yes? Who was this person and what had they done with ME?

NMO is never going to be straight forward physically and mentally.


But what I wanted to talk about was self image….self esteem…and perception.


Today I had my hair done!! I went from this…



To this!!


Who did this you may ask?




Lil K’s!

K I have seen a few times over the years and I always get compliments and in turn that is a compliment to him and his work!!

Extensions-do your research folks!! K is very experienced! Years of ecperience! You can find him on Facebook and Instagram!


So whilst I was sat there today I was talking about chronic illness’ and how image can be extremley important, and how the medication has affected my hair and others on the same thing or similar.

Yes folks my hair is bleached and I am fully aware of this being torture for hair!

However even though I have had darker colours, cuts, trims, traetments,  it has never been the same as it was pre NMO.

Having extensions in which K quite accuratley said was “do you feel more like you again?” “yes” I replied, that’s exactly it!


So why is image so important in chronic illness? Or should I say to me?

I think it’s because…well…I like fashion but not following the crowd, I am comfortable in my skin (oh the irony!!)

Hair? why hair?

I used to say that hair was my “thing” which kinda is yes and growing up I always knew how I wanted it too look.

I never want to “look ill” why? because like I have said soooo many times before I am still me!!

I like to challenge “the stereotype” I am tall, plus size and blonde.

Oh and I have NMO.

This does not mean I am a “dumb blonde” with “low self esteem”

Honey- I have got enough self esteem and confidence for us all-believe me. Lol.


So believe in yourself, and BE yourself.

So other than new hair and feeling 10000% better about it!

What else has been happening?

Haha well…quite a bit…

Work has been busy…J is growing before our eyes!! He is doing so well and we are so very proud of him!

C has been amazing as always…


One other thing…

It is a “pink one” by the way…not a “blue one!”




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