“Why don’t you call it having NMO and being up the duff?”


It was like a light bulb being switched on.

As I laughed with C, I think it dawned on him that I was taking that idea seriously.

Yes…..being pregnant with NMO….why have I not explored this more…

So let me take you back to July 2018 and a visit to the Walton Centre.

“Yes when you are ready that’s fine”


Good I thought, I can’t wait to tell C.

My mum and dad were both naturally anxious about this.

Medication, the effect on me, a lot of what if’s…I am on azathioprine and steroids still currently and both I have been told are safe in pregnancy.

The steroids are acting as another safety net incase MOG is encouraged to act by the birth also…so theory is I am on so much stuff this shouldn’t happen.

What would C say? I think I already knew the anwer.

We fully prepared ourselves to be have a wait, my body had been through some severe trauma with the paralysis…although my periods had been regular and on time…almost like clock work.

I had taken to popping on my calender on my phone when I started one so I could count the weeks in between. Why you may ask?


My periods stopped pretty much in 2014 when I was first paralysed and it tool a while for this to settle into a rhythm from light to very heavy then somewhere normal.


So, off the 3 of us went on holiday to one of our favourite places! Butlins!


First picture here was taken in their fantastic circus and the second was taken on the beach where I happily felt the sand between my toes (check out my blog post ) as I looked out over the sea I felt so content knowing we had been given the all clear to try for a baby. We had an amazing holiday C and J and myself

So…one day I thought to myself..my period is 4 days late…4 days…this was a few weeks after our holiday and the day before our 10 year wedding anniversary.


Do I? or Don’t I?

I had been feeling a little out of sorts but with NMO that’s normal…

“Mum…I think I am gonna have to do a test”.

I talked to J who was desperate for a sibling.

1 pink line…another pink line…immediatley.

Oh my god.


Was this really happening??!

J “mummy is pregnant!! You are going to be a big brother!!” as we both cried happy tears, J exclaimed how happy he was!

“C…I’m pregnant!!!!” through happy tears.

Wowwww. We three were ecstatic.

But now what?

I knew mum and dad would be happy but worried, I phoned my big sister L and she knew I think before I had even said anything.

So…pregnant and NMO…what would this entail?

The Walton Centre Liverpool have been excellent (as usual) and the agreement FOR ME is to stay on azathioprine (immune suppresent) and predisonolone (steroids) both safe in pregnancy and a preventative for any relapses after birth.

So far…so good…

Cheers to you…NMO

I guess I should say….happy new year!

Here we are…the start of a new decade…and I seem to have found Instagram filters…


So the last 10 years…well a lot has changed… A LOT.

I have had countless different hairstyles, colours, lengths.

I have been several different clothes sizes, changed jobs and careers.

Completed a degree and graduated not knowing I was pregnant! With J!

Made new years resoloutions kept and gave some up lol

Bought a house with my newly then husband C who I am still 10 years on very happily married too.

Soo what else?!

Oh yeah that…I got diagnosed with NMO and what fun that has been!


I say fun….more of a bare foot run through a forest of thistles and nettles.


I couldn’t help but wonder at times if I was doing the right thing blogging?

Who would want to read about a 30 something bird writing about her feelings and thoughts about having NMO? And where the bloody hell does one even begin to put into words what it is or how it impacts on life?

Also how do I keep on writing something where I feel I have written everything that I can??

Then I took a step back…a big step back and spoke to C. I talked through some of thoughts and where I can keep my readers interested I guess…as always he hit the nail on the head.


Since said nail has been hit I may have something else rattling…

Is it time to share a bit more..

So cheers to you NMO 2020 lets ‘ave ya