Cheers to you…NMO

I guess I should say….happy new year!

Here we are…the start of a new decade…and I seem to have found Instagram filters…


So the last 10 years…well a lot has changed… A LOT.

I have had countless different hairstyles, colours, lengths.

I have been several different clothes sizes, changed jobs and careers.

Completed a degree and graduated not knowing I was pregnant! With J!

Made new years resoloutions kept and gave some up lol

Bought a house with my newly then husband C who I am still 10 years on very happily married too.

Soo what else?!

Oh yeah that…I got diagnosed with NMO and what fun that has been!


I say fun….more of a bare foot run through a forest of thistles and nettles.


I couldn’t help but wonder at times if I was doing the right thing blogging?

Who would want to read about a 30 something bird writing about her feelings and thoughts about having NMO? And where the bloody hell does one even begin to put into words what it is or how it impacts on life?

Also how do I keep on writing something where I feel I have written everything that I can??

Then I took a step back…a big step back and spoke to C. I talked through some of thoughts and where I can keep my readers interested I guess…as always he hit the nail on the head.


Since said nail has been hit I may have something else rattling…

Is it time to share a bit more..

So cheers to you NMO 2020 lets ‘ave ya

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