Then I saw her face…and now I’m a believer…!




Wowwww how long has it been??

And who is this??!!


Where has she gone??!!

And can you believe this title was written in 2019?!

Just shortly after I had pretty much recovered from my relapse.

So why has my weight suddenly become so important to me?

I have been over weight for years with varying degree and varying stages of life.

So when I fell pregnant with this one, it was pretty much rammed down my throat that I would most likely have high blood pressure, gestational diabetis and complications because of my weight.

Funny how NMO never came into the equation isn’t it?

So for my own mobility, self esteeem and health generally I started losing weight.

I had the diabetis test fully expecting to have it…if anything else due to the steroids…


All clear.

Yep all clear.

“Are you sure???!!” “yes…totally well within the healthy range”

It was such a relief.

1 or 2 growth scans I had mentioned my “raised BMI” -no shit sherlock. This was mentioned several times.

One day, I had an appointment with a aneathatist.

“so you’ve got this myleitis optica…errr neurological errr”

oh for fuck sake.

Que me as we all know by now summing up the last 8 years of my life in 5 minutes.


“So the NMO and the BMI” -Perhaps I should ask for a pound like a swear box for every time my weight or BMI is mentioned.

We discussed my weight…of course…the NMO and the birth.

A few weeks passed, a few queries with Walton Centre and another appointment came through.

Once I told her how much weight I had lost…and I am on steroids…well what a change.

For the better.

I was praised for the weight loss….and told how well I look…and NMO was given it’s correct name…not a jumble of words.

So that was that.


Fast forward a few weeks…and here we are!!


I am going to end this post now…but you get the idea what has been going on….


Anyone who wishes to mention my BMI or being overweight , donations will kindly be donated to NMO UK charity (haha!)

£1 for BMI

£1 for being over weight

Just giving page details to follow or can be donated to the charity via their website.

Haha-I joke of course.


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