I’ve got a big chicken…mum

Where’s the meat….? Where’s the soap…toilet paper….

What’s going on….

Errrmmm ok…chicken….why are people going mad buying food in Tesco?

“err mum…there’s no chicken in Tesco…at all…it’s really weird” I said to her down the phone.

“oh hold on! I’ve got a hot cooked one a big chicken-just thought I’d better ring and warn you with you shopping today”

This is weird…

Ok…do I need more food?! Loo roll…ok…right. Done.

The next day continued as normal, J went to school, C at work, my day off and work the next day-ha-so I thought.

Hmmm Dr H is late phoning, it does feel weird having a phone appointment with the Walton centre, not face to to face.

I feel…weird…not in a good way.

“So, Jane! The coronavirus!-” “yesssss” It was 17th March 2020, a mild Tuesday afternoon and little did I know life was going to be verrryyyy different.

“so due to your medication…and being pregnant….YOU NEED TO START SELF ISOLATING FOR 12 WEEKS STARTING NOW”


“I beg your pardon?” I squeaked.


No work.

No shopping.

No seeing friends and family.

No school runs.

I could feel my pulse thudding in my head.

“ok yes of course, I understand”.

12 weeks.

I am having a baby in April.


Maternity leave?!



What the fuck am I going to do.

“I’ve got to self isolate…NOW”

My mum, dad, C all understood albeit a bit shocked.

In fact writing this now is making me feel a bit funny.

Right ok I’m back! Had to stop last night.

Dr H’s words rang in my head like a clanging bell.

12 weeks.

Food shopping?!

Quick book a Tesco delivery slot….3 weeks away?!


No activities for J..and now..no school…

Home schooling at 8 months pregnant.

No work-vulnerable shielding group.

C at work-a key worker…I am too if I wasn’t on immune suppresents and steroids I would be working…if I wasn’t going on maternity leave I would be working….

England suddenly felt…united…”helping the cause”

Then Boris Johnson said those words


Strict rules to be in place.

Hospital rules changed dramatically, C was issued with a letter stating who he works for and is aiding the COVID-19 cause incase he got stopped by the police when travelling to and from work.

Collegaues being sent home due to health conditions, people losing jobs, money, children wondering what on earth was going on. No school but not school holidays…

Panic buying, pictures of rainbows being displayed in windows children had made as a symbol of hope, peace, and safety.


The NHS being in the spotlight as much as the government.

Daily news confrences….I started to panic.


“I don’t feel very well” as I cried down…no sobbed down the phone to my mum and C.

J cuddled me and I kept saying sorry to him.

My back and hips were playing up BIG STYLE.

A fog had set in…an all too familiar fog.

I felt like I was cracking up.

The extensions had to come out which felt awful. No choice as no chance of refits now.

Then the government letters started ramming it down my throat I MUST NOT GO OUT

I KNOW!!! I screamed to myself.

I could not stop this ringing in my head a rusty clanging bell…my chest hurt, I was tired, awful acid reflux and too much Facebook.

“Your BP is high”

Shit what have I done.

I had got in such a twist about the media and coronavirus I had missed signs my blood pressure was creeping up.


I looked a mess.

I felt a mess.


A few hospital visits later, a chat with my consultant about being pregnant in a pandemic and telling C how I was feeling…some BP tablets and I started to feel better.


I unfollowed Facebook groups and pages, turned the news off, stopped obsessing about hospital changes and instead recorded on my calenders when the 12 weeks will be up.

J was enjoying home schooling and C took some time off work.

Having him around as I got increasingly more pregnant helped massively.

I was not worrying about him at work and it gave me a break.

J loves C being at home!

So now things are starting to get back to normal.

I dyed my hair, had a sort out and baby girl is due next week!



So what’s next…?