The view from the end of the drive….

So how have you been?

It hit me like a sack of spuds straight in the stomach.



I took to wandering to the end of the drive looking out at passers by, those going to work or those going shopping.

I was not allowed.

So this is HARD.

Yep brain does not want me to write about it!!


So baby girl was born and she is WONDERFUL

I realised I didn’t feel right…




Bloody marvellous.


I wrote and deleted a post dear friends as it was too painful.

Sorry to say this is making me feel breathless so I am signing off.


I will be sharing more soon and I must say I feel like ME again, C, J and baby C are my everything xxxx


My family have supported me A LOT I am not ready to share YET but I almost back to sweating glitter and pissing rainbows again xxx



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